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Messy Neck Guide

You have seen the trend. You have questioned the trend. You are now ready to embrace the trend. Want me to say trend one more time? Lol. Just one more, for this paragraph at least. The trend…. the messy neck.

Grab this look and more here.

Go ahead, those of you who are not ready to embrace this… make your noises, roll your eyes, cock your head, or if you are really not into it, you did all three at once and didn’t even realize it until just now.

There are two different types of messy necks going around:

1- the delicate messy neck delicate messy

2 – the heavy messy neck.

messy neck

Whichever one you are ready to try, these steps will help you build the perfect messy neck for YOUR STYLE.

So, are you ready to create a messy neck look of your own??? All it takes are 3-4 necklaces that you can adjust the lengths if needed. I say this b/c we are going to be creating a ‘V’ with these pieces. And, depending on how your anxiety is at this moment, maybe grab yourself a drink, lol.

Step 1:
Start with your “heaviest” piece for the base. This is heavy in the appearance, not the weight. Big chains, braided leather, or a medium-large pendant necklace. This piece will  create the very bottom of the “V” we will build. Adjust the chain length so that it sits to the longest point you want your look to have.

Untitled (17)

Step 2:
Let’s grab a piece that is lighter in appearance; maybe with a charm or pendant of smaller size. The charm could be solid or an “open, airy” piece. You want to place this piece so that it is over lapping some, but not directly on top of. We are building some dimension, and when it moves with us we want it to still have an intentioanl layered look.
Another great option for this step is a pre-layered necklace made up of different chain textures and/or charms.

Untitled (19)

Step 3:
This piece is usually the one you look at with loving eyes and may even refer to it as your “baby” or your “absolute favorite”. (Just like my mom feels about me! Hahaha, it’s funny b/c it’s true!) You want this piece to be your cherry on top. Let this one sit above the others, breathe and have it’s own space. Not 6 ft of space, they don’t need social distancing, but let it not touch the ones below.

Untitled (20)

Step Take-A-Step-Back:
Look in the mirror at the creation you built. Play around adjusting the different lengths and placements. Do you see the ‘V’ or is it more of a ‘U’? If it’s a ‘U’ make your heavy piece a notch or two longer.

Step 4:
Now that you are happy with it all, ADD ONE MORE! “One more?! Are you insane? Who do you think we are, Mr T?!”….. Feel better now??? Good. Grab the 4th necklace and put it on. Don’t think about it, just let it fall where it lands… Good girl!!!!

Untitled (21)Untitled (22)Untitled (23)

And that is it! You now have your very own messy neck! That wasn’t so bad after all, huh… you can breathe now.



Love the pieces you see here and want to grab them all???? Click here!

Here are a few messy looks from myself and other stylists.

Now fix your hair, powder your face, and go to town to give it a test drive.


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