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Jewelry Box Essentials – part 1

What are 10 items every woman needs in her jewelry box???

Brought to you by Park Lane Jewelry Independent Stylist – Styled by Mowad

Untitled (15)
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Well, unless you have hit the lottery or you are a 16 year old and it’s the day after your birthday (have you seen how much money kids get these days for their birthdays from friends and family! I’m going to have a party and insist they gift me like I’m a teenager, lol). ANYWAY, unless you have the money to spend, we need to break this down into groups of 5′s.

So here are my picks at the first 5 Essential pieces you need.

  1. A good hoop. If you go big, go thin. If you go small, go thick. This will keep you from feeling old school with a huge thick hoop, but still be seen if you want a small hoop to fit your style.

  2. Versatile studs. I chose pearl b/c every lady needs a pearl accessory of some sort. Also, you can do pearls with any metal color under the sun. You can throw it on with any outfit, even your gym clothes. It’s the khaki of earrings you could say. But if you tend to wear more of one metal, go with that for sure. Or pick a girl’s best friend, diamonds.

  3. Delicate necklace. This piece you can wear every day all day. Layer it with other pieces. Layer it with a statement necklace to keep you up to trend. A delicate necklace can balance out any statement earring and not take the attention from that kick @$$ “Lobe Candy” you are proudly wearing to show off your inner diva.

  4. Neutral statement earring. Ever found yourself dressed and ready but feeling like something is missing??? It’s probably the moment you would need to pull out this neutral statement earring. Want to jazz up that top but not steal the show completely, here’s the moment. Go with a piece that will compliment your style on a day and night look. Solid metal. Fun shape. Something that speaks to you, not shouts at you.

  5.  Bracelet set. Go with a set so you can have multiple options. Want to make a statement, wear them all. Want to give your watch some sass, add 1 or 2 from the set. Want to give your other singles some fun dimension, add them into your set. Pick a set that will compliment pieces you already own.

If you like these pieces and want to see the other 5 essentials, leave a comment letting me know!

Again, you can get all this plus more from this link 5 Essential Pieces


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