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Deck the Halls

I think it is safe to say we are all ready to tell 2020 goodbye! Christmas trees are going up and I am behind this all the way. You have no choice but to be happy when the decorations are out and there is the cozy glow of stringed lights.

I haven’t updated my holiday decor in years. Well, that is a lie, I did downsize my tree last year. I got one of those pencil trees and it was the best decision. I get the same look but in half the time and in the half the space.

Here are some options you can choose from if you want to save time and space as well. They are also currently on sale, so that is an extra bonus!

Pre-lit tree

Pre-lit tree

But I need updates to my decor that I put around. I usually go for a rustic, winter-woodsy look. Pinecones, wood pieces, creams and golds, and white lights. I still love this idea, but I need to add some color and maybe just update things.

Growing up we had stockings that were the same ones for as long as I could remember. My kids have their own that they have always had, but I don’t usually put them out b/c they just don’t match. So how weird would it be to have stockings for looks only??? I love these and they do come in a few colors. But of course I am loving the cream ones, lol.
Pack of 2 for under $15, can’t beat that.

Oh but here is cream and red and 3 in a pack for under $15

Oh, but this one has gray!

Or… I could go this way. Still rustic, right??? And it is a pack of 4, which is perfect b/c we have 4 kids, and it is still under $15

Something that I NEVER had… a tree skirt! I have used fuzzy blankets in the past or just circled the presents around the base of the tree, but never an actual skirt. Honestly, I don’t like the way they look, they are just flat and seem to be a waste of money. But I do love the Tree Collars.

This red one would be a great way to introduce color into my room and it is under $25

This could be added to garland I have already and jazz up the mantel decor. Under $15, I am liking that

Oh but I do love some mercury glass. I have some tiny bird ornaments that are mercury glass. This garland would go great with it

Creative Co-op Green & Silver Embossed Mercury Garland Glass Ornaments, Green

I love the traditional shaped ornaments on this one

As you can see, I am all over the place, but this looks like a good place to start.

I will just call this my thought dump post.

Are you the type that updates every year???

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