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Deck the Halls

I think it is safe to say we are all ready to tell 2020 goodbye! Christmas trees are going up and I am behind this all the way. You have no choice but to be happy when the decorations are out and there is the cozy glow of stringed lights.

I haven’t updated my holiday decor in years. Well, that is a lie, I did downsize my tree last year. I got one of those pencil trees and it was the best decision. I get the same look but in half the time and in the half the space.

Here are some options you can choose from if you want to save time and space as well. They are also currently on sale, so that is an extra bonus!

Pre-lit tree

Pre-lit tree

But I need updates to my decor that I put around. I usually go for a rustic, winter-woodsy look. Pinecones, wood pieces, creams and golds, and white lights. I still love this idea, but I need to add some color and maybe just update things.

Growing up we had stockings that were the same ones for as long as I could remember. My kids have their own that they have always had, but I don’t usually put them out b/c they just don’t match. So how weird would it be to have stockings for looks only??? I love these and they do come in a few colors. But of course I am loving the cream ones, lol.
Pack of 2 for under $15, can’t beat that.

Oh but here is cream and red and 3 in a pack for under $15

Oh, but this one has gray!

Or… I could go this way. Still rustic, right??? And it is a pack of 4, which is perfect b/c we have 4 kids, and it is still under $15

Something that I NEVER had… a tree skirt! I have used fuzzy blankets in the past or just circled the presents around the base of the tree, but never an actual skirt. Honestly, I don’t like the way they look, they are just flat and seem to be a waste of money. But I do love the Tree Collars.

This red one would be a great way to introduce color into my room and it is under $25

This could be added to garland I have already and jazz up the mantel decor. Under $15, I am liking that

Oh but I do love some mercury glass. I have some tiny bird ornaments that are mercury glass. This garland would go great with it

Creative Co-op Green & Silver Embossed Mercury Garland Glass Ornaments, Green

I love the traditional shaped ornaments on this one

As you can see, I am all over the place, but this looks like a good place to start.

I will just call this my thought dump post.

Are you the type that updates every year???

(post contains affiliate links)

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Messy Neck Guide

You have seen the trend. You have questioned the trend. You are now ready to embrace the trend. Want me to say trend one more time? Lol. Just one more, for this paragraph at least. The trend…. the messy neck.

Grab this look and more here.

Go ahead, those of you who are not ready to embrace this… make your noises, roll your eyes, cock your head, or if you are really not into it, you did all three at once and didn’t even realize it until just now.

There are two different types of messy necks going around:

1- the delicate messy neck delicate messy

2 – the heavy messy neck.

messy neck

Whichever one you are ready to try, these steps will help you build the perfect messy neck for YOUR STYLE.

So, are you ready to create a messy neck look of your own??? All it takes are 3-4 necklaces that you can adjust the lengths if needed. I say this b/c we are going to be creating a ‘V’ with these pieces. And, depending on how your anxiety is at this moment, maybe grab yourself a drink, lol.

Step 1:
Start with your “heaviest” piece for the base. This is heavy in the appearance, not the weight. Big chains, braided leather, or a medium-large pendant necklace. This piece will  create the very bottom of the “V” we will build. Adjust the chain length so that it sits to the longest point you want your look to have.

Untitled (17)

Step 2:
Let’s grab a piece that is lighter in appearance; maybe with a charm or pendant of smaller size. The charm could be solid or an “open, airy” piece. You want to place this piece so that it is over lapping some, but not directly on top of. We are building some dimension, and when it moves with us we want it to still have an intentioanl layered look.
Another great option for this step is a pre-layered necklace made up of different chain textures and/or charms.

Untitled (19)

Step 3:
This piece is usually the one you look at with loving eyes and may even refer to it as your “baby” or your “absolute favorite”. (Just like my mom feels about me! Hahaha, it’s funny b/c it’s true!) You want this piece to be your cherry on top. Let this one sit above the others, breathe and have it’s own space. Not 6 ft of space, they don’t need social distancing, but let it not touch the ones below.

Untitled (20)

Step Take-A-Step-Back:
Look in the mirror at the creation you built. Play around adjusting the different lengths and placements. Do you see the ‘V’ or is it more of a ‘U’? If it’s a ‘U’ make your heavy piece a notch or two longer.

Step 4:
Now that you are happy with it all, ADD ONE MORE! “One more?! Are you insane? Who do you think we are, Mr T?!”….. Feel better now??? Good. Grab the 4th necklace and put it on. Don’t think about it, just let it fall where it lands… Good girl!!!!

Untitled (21)Untitled (22)Untitled (23)

And that is it! You now have your very own messy neck! That wasn’t so bad after all, huh… you can breathe now.



Love the pieces you see here and want to grab them all???? Click here!

Here are a few messy looks from myself and other stylists.

Now fix your hair, powder your face, and go to town to give it a test drive.

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Jewelry Box Essentials – part 1

What are 10 items every woman needs in her jewelry box???

Brought to you by Park Lane Jewelry Independent Stylist – Styled by Mowad

Untitled (15)
Get ALL these pieces above, for under $120 here

Well, unless you have hit the lottery or you are a 16 year old and it’s the day after your birthday (have you seen how much money kids get these days for their birthdays from friends and family! I’m going to have a party and insist they gift me like I’m a teenager, lol). ANYWAY, unless you have the money to spend, we need to break this down into groups of 5′s.

So here are my picks at the first 5 Essential pieces you need.

  1. A good hoop. If you go big, go thin. If you go small, go thick. This will keep you from feeling old school with a huge thick hoop, but still be seen if you want a small hoop to fit your style.

  2. Versatile studs. I chose pearl b/c every lady needs a pearl accessory of some sort. Also, you can do pearls with any metal color under the sun. You can throw it on with any outfit, even your gym clothes. It’s the khaki of earrings you could say. But if you tend to wear more of one metal, go with that for sure. Or pick a girl’s best friend, diamonds.

  3. Delicate necklace. This piece you can wear every day all day. Layer it with other pieces. Layer it with a statement necklace to keep you up to trend. A delicate necklace can balance out any statement earring and not take the attention from that kick @$$ “Lobe Candy” you are proudly wearing to show off your inner diva.

  4. Neutral statement earring. Ever found yourself dressed and ready but feeling like something is missing??? It’s probably the moment you would need to pull out this neutral statement earring. Want to jazz up that top but not steal the show completely, here’s the moment. Go with a piece that will compliment your style on a day and night look. Solid metal. Fun shape. Something that speaks to you, not shouts at you.

  5.  Bracelet set. Go with a set so you can have multiple options. Want to make a statement, wear them all. Want to give your watch some sass, add 1 or 2 from the set. Want to give your other singles some fun dimension, add them into your set. Pick a set that will compliment pieces you already own.

If you like these pieces and want to see the other 5 essentials, leave a comment letting me know!

Again, you can get all this plus more from this link 5 Essential Pieces

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Flare Jeans… give it a go

Love the flare jeans but not sure how to style them?
Here are some ideas I love and think would be easy to recreate with items you possibly already have in your closet. (find more on my Pinterest board here)
I’m not a big fan for the over sized bell bottoms, but a good flare leg that gives you a clean straight line, I am big fan of.
I have a couple pairs in this style and I love the look. I feel they balance out my thicker thighs rather than make them look bigger. I know a lot of women feel this is what would happen, but if you wear it right it will do the opposite.
B/c I’m only 5’3 and stockier I always wear these with my tall shoes. Let’s face it, heels just make your legs look longer and thinner. I feel wearing heels also tilts your pelvis in a flattering way. Crazy, I know, but test it out. Look at your hip area flat footed and then stand on your toes…. See the difference??? 
Give the flares a try, or even a smaller option with just a boot cut leg.
There are tons of places to look and try on. But go for a good quality, not a thin poorly made pair. Here are brands that I know are good – KanCan, Cello, Sneak Peek.

Message or email me if you need styling help or would like for me to personal shop for you.

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Jane Deals Away!

Holiday cheer starts here. Shop Now

One of my favorite pass times, besides binge watching Netflix, is binge searching on It’s so addicting b/c every time you jump on you are certain to find something new with every refresh and scroll.

You can find things from home/outdoor decor, trendy fashions for all, beauty supplies, and random gadgets to satisfy any weird pleasure you may have… like pimple popping or cleaning your ears with little tools that light up. Don’t judge! I’m sure you need to go rewash that load in the washer… you are welcome btw, lol.

To some, shopping Jane is like walking into a Marshalls. You can’t focus and all the options leave you feeling overwhelmed and ready to run out screaming. I, on the other hand, accept the challenge and look at it like finding the needle in the hay stack. It’s so relaxing to sort through and imagine things on or in its place somewhere or on others who are looking for a certain look.

So, to help you shop and browse The Jane like a pro, here are some gift ideas to start you off with. And before long, you will be surfing through like a pro and will be getting tons of tiny bags hitting your mailbox in the near future. Let’s #GetReadyToBow!

Oh, and remember, a lot of items and listing expire after a few days or sell out fast, so come back and check often for newer deals and steals.

*** Please be sure to shop from the links and not the app. I will love you long time if you do.***

***I am an affiliate for I do make a commission off sales of items I share with you. Any and all orders are very much appreciated. Please share your reviews and pics of anything you buy.

Deals Under $15

(Like mentioned above, some of these images may no longer be up, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be back. So check daily from these links.)

Key Ring Bracelets | 39 Styles
You can’t go anywhere lately without seeing teens and women carrying one of these Key Ring Bracelets. It makes running and out of the store or anywhere such a breeze. With shipping, this item will cost you only $12.98! It also has 39 different styles to choose from. Definitely something for someone on your list.

Knitted Lounge SocksI see these Knitted Lounge Socks all the time here on and I just want them all. Could be that the girl is so happy on her big comfy couch with her mug and blanket and I want to be that exact way. Or that I just want it cold enough to sit this covered up and not sweat to death. Either way, these are stinking cute, and I want them! With shipping, they would be $10.98. Great little stocking stuffer… FOR ME! Lol.

Stormy Seas Earrings
Listen up… you cannot go wrong with buying a statement earring for any female. At some point in their next year of life they are going to wish they had a big earring to wear with that one outfit for that one event. So give them that earring ahead of time. When I share these earrings, no matter the colors or styles, they sell. Ladies love them. With shipping, they are only… ready…. $9.24!!!

Chic Earrings | Free ShippingAnd while you are looking are thinking about chic earrings for all those chic ladies, these are too good to pass up too. These jewel tones are just everything! Oh, and get this…. FREE SHIPPING!!! WHOOP WHOOP! So that makes these beauts only $7.99.

Personalized Engraved Necklace or BanglePersonalized pieces, they just make the heart happy. The Personalized Engraved Necklace or Bracelet are just so cute and so perfect. You can select from 18 different fonts, 3 necklace lengths or a bracelet, 3 metal finishes, and 15 characters for 3 charm discs. With shipping, the cost is $16.98.

All Weather Glitter Bangles
I can’t fully understand this HUGE TREND, but it is big. The All Weathered Glitter Bangles are everywhere. These are all the rage right now for young to mature women. Wear them to the pool, wear them on your night out, or sleep in them if you want. That is the point of them. After shipping, they are $13.98


Leopard Pom Pom Beanie
Leopard anything is a great thing, but add a pom pom to it and it is a wonderful thing. Leopard Pom Pom Beanie, $13.94 after shipping.


Santa's got nothing on you. Shop Gifts

All Gifts

All Free Shipping

All Kids Items



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‘Eye’ Am In Love

Hello all!

I know, where the hell have I been huh??? Well, just living life being busy with working, shuttling kids around, and managing all my side hustles b/c who likes to sleep, lol.
You can see a bit of what I have been up to on my FB Styled by Mowad group. I am sharing tons of deals and styles I am loving over there. So go check it out and join in on the fun.
Here’s one of my most recent shares and it is just too good to not share with more. I get so many brands in my IPSY box (with the box you get full size items!) that I just don’t pay attention to until a couple months later when I see the box is still sitting on my desk with everything in it. I just so happened to be out of mascara and grabbed this brand new box of Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara™ from my JULY(!!!) BOX and ran out the house.
I opened it, looked at the wand and was like, “meh”. I applied it to my lashes and it went on so smoothly, which was different from what I am used to where I can feel it sticking to the lashes with each pass. So I still wasn’t hyped. This went on like black ink, so smooth and wet. Separated my lashes like a comb going through wet hair. Again, I don’t like mine to just be skinny strands of lashes, I want thick, covered, full looking lashes. So, still not 100% sold on this pretty green tube yet. But, that was until I stepped back after only two applications and thought “my gosh, my lashes look so fresh and long and just natural!” So I kept it in my bag and continued to use it and EYE AM IN LOVE! I have received more comments on my lashes in this month with my everyday look than I have in the past with my other favorite mascara.

It does not flake. It does not smear. It does not lose the length it gives your lashes (even when one sleeps with ones eye mask).

Another bonus I learned…
I have a weird habit of pulling at my lashes, I know it’s bad, but sometimes it just feels like one needs to get out of there. I know I am not alone b/c I have asked and it makes sense to a handful of people, lol.
ANYWAY, when I went to pull at my lashes, it stretched like rubber before coming off! And it didn’t even pull my lash out! This stuff forms like a tubular “something” around the lashes and that is why it holds up so amazing! That is also why when I wash it off it looks like I attacked a small spider on my face and won. It just comes right off, in its satisfying tubular like shapes.
So… all of that to tell you that I have a new favorite mascara on my list! And you all need to give it a try.
Here’s $10 off your first order if you want to go grab some.
Let me know below in the comments if you have tried this brand and what else is a must try. 

All products are 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free! Ingredients are always free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and fragrance.

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Today is….

First I would like to say, “hello there stranger!!!”, to myself! Man, it has been a hot, hot minute since I last punched these keys. But!!!! I am here and that is all that matters, right? 😉
So, today is the best day ever! Why??? Well, besides the fact that y’all are getting to finally hear from me again, duh, but it is the day I was born. I won’t tell you how long ago, but it was not recent for sure, lol.   It’s MY BIRTHDAY!!!!  
Usually days leading up to your birthday you get the repeated question “what do you want for your birthday?”.  I can never think of things when put on the spot, so I always say, “Oh, just whatever” or the go-to “I don’t need anything”.
So, to help us all be more prepared for when your birthday rolls around, or when you have some extra bucks to spend on yourself, I created this list. You are welcome. 🙂
I wanted to share a few things that make me happy and put a little extra pep in my step.

My Favorite Things from Styled by Mowad




1.   Apple Watch Band

Apple Watch Band –
I get so many compliments on this watch band all the time. I love that I can wear it while working out and when I get dressed up. It goes with so much of the clothing I wear and makes my workout attire look better. But the best part, it’s under $10!

2. iPhone Square Case

iPhone Square Case –
This phone case I first saw on a friend’s phone. It totally confused me b/c of the shape and I was intrigued. “What new phone was this?!” No new phone brand, just a different shape case. So I bought this and get the same reaction from everyone I gave my friend. It even comes with the matching ring holder thingy. (That did take getting used to b/c I had the pop socket before, now I wouldn’t go back to a pop socket.)

3. Graphic Tops

Rocker graphic shirts –
Give me all the vintage, rocker, graphic tees/tanks out there! The more the better. I love to go for an edgier look any chance I get. This huge trend right now makes it sooooo easy. Pair it with some destroyed denim and fun heels and you are good to go! Don’t forget to check out the kids section too. You may be surprised when you fit into the kids XL tee. And while you are roaming out the women’s section, head over to the men’s. Just size down!

4. Hammered Hoop Earrings

Hammered Hoops –
I am going to say it… I have never been a fan of big hoop earrings. They always reminded of the Bon Qui Qui skit. But someone call “sa-curity” b/c I wear these Stella & Dot hoops on the daily!!! They are so light weight I forget I even have them in my ears. They go with every outfit and every hair style. THEY ARE A MUST!!!

5. Diamond Initial Necklace


Diamond Covet Pave Initial Necklace –

I want you to know I NEVER TAKE THIS OFF! Unless the doctor or nurse tell me to, I do not. I workout in it, I sleep in it, I shower in it, I go to the beach in it, I go to the pool in it. I never take it off. It is hands down the best necklace I have and layers beautifully with everything.

6. Stella Stacks Bracelet


Stella Stacks Bracelets –   ***USE CODE TEN10 FOR 10% OFF***
If you have to get one thing from this list, this is it. I found this maker on Instagram a few years ago when I saw one of her bracelets with the large coin and fringe. I had to have it. The quality, communication, and service was so amazing I quickly became a huge fan and now have more than I can wear. Check her out and use my code to get 10% off. You will not be sorry!

7. Dipped Nails


Dipped Nails – View my Pinterest Board of all my favorite looks 
Do I have to explain why this is a favorite? Having strong durable nails that the color doesn’t chip away after the first day is just perfect. I love changing out color combos and it just makes my hands look better.

8. KanCan Jeans


KanCan Jeans – 
These jeans I found years ago and it is seriously the only brand in my closet! They fit my curves perfectly, the pockets sit on the booty in just the right place to make that peach look good, and the designs are so trendy and on point. If you haven’t tried a pair, you are seriously missing out.

9. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime 3-month gift –
I know this one seems silly, but I love having Amazon Prime! Prime is not only about ordering from Amazon and getting it faster. You can instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes, Borrow Kindle books, and Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size). Plus there is a Prime Day coming up and who doesn’t like to be a VIP in a members only Day???

That is just a few of my favorite things. Pretty much everything I don’t leave the house without.

Drop a comment and let me know what you think!




Did you know there is a Prime Day??? It is July 15-16 and if you are a Prime Member you get special offers for some amazing products that are only available to you. Not a Prime Member, click here to get a 30-day Free Trial, just in time for Prime Day. 

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Crazy Person Here

If you haven’t gone through your closet in a while, there’s a good chance you’ll find pieces in there that are as old as Facebook. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it should automatically be tossed. However, if it is old and you haven’t worn it in forever and keep pushing it towards the back, then we need to talk.

Why does this piece keep getting pushed to the back? Why is it there? Why do you grab it and put it back? Why are you still holding on?  If you are not wearing things b/c you are unsure of the fit, what to pair it with, or you just need someone to tell you “just toss it” then I am the person for you.

There are tons of blogs, posts, pins, and videos on how to get rid of pieces from your closet. “Ask yourself this.”  “Flip your hanger like this.” “Put it here and then wait a year.” It’s a lot of thinking and doing and who has the time for it or who in the heck wants to do all that? Only a crazy person would want to spend hours in a closet sorting and organizing and pairing looks, right?

Well hello, my name is Crazy Person!

Other than walking around Marshalls and Target, my closet I can spend hours in. Monthly, I clean and organize b/c I grab things, change my mind, and just throw it down on the desk (and I may cuss it like it did me wrong). Then when I have more hangers than clothes hanging, I clean it all up, make it beautiful and perfect, and start all over in a few days.

Twice a year I do purge my pieces, which is usually when I run out of hangers or tired of cussing the same pieces. I pass these pieces around my family first, then try to sell what I can and donate the rest.

If you could use a good closet purge now is the time. Let me take the hard work out of what many think is a chore. You can sit in the corner drinking your favorite drink and nod yes or no. Simple as that, lol. I can even help you sell the pieces that are in great condition if you want.

What are you waiting for, new year new closet!


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What you see and what I see.

This picture… Ooooh how this picture says so much. You may see a half made bed, oddly placed pillows, a rolling tote, and a random old navy tag. But, to me I see support and hope.

As mentioned in my first blog, I was starting a new journey. I was closing a book after almost 6 full chapters of the same story. Who would think a plot twist happens this late in a book series? Well, it did. This picture represents the start of a 3rd book in an old series. This is the book I always dreamed about.

Anytime a new book starts, the author has a page where they dedicate the book to those who inspired or motivated this next phase of the book.

This picture is that for me. It represents support and encouragement. Two people are behind this picture and I just want to give them a quick shout out.

Sorry girls, it will be short bc I already took up 2 minutes of their life rambling.

So here we go…

Book 3, page 1…

“I would like to dedicate this book to two badass ladies. The first badass is my lifelong cheerleader and backbone, my sister, Annah. The day this book first came about she was there with her love, support, and guidance. She listened when I cried, cussed when I cussed, and laughed when I said F it all. She is my #1 supporter. She is the bed this picture. Without a second thought she gave me a place to stay for a few days while I jumpstarted this journey. (Her kids and hubs are the random pillows lol)

The second badass lady, is one of my Stella BFFs, Jennifer. She is the tote in the picture. That little tote is a mountain of confidence and support that I have not had in over two years. I sent her a text for advice and in rapid fire she came through with more than advice. She lit the fire under my butt and said go! What she gave me is more than I could have asked for from anyone at that moment.

That random old navy tag, that’s just me in life. I am here, there, and everywhere I am not expected to be. Just a tag making my place in the world.

Without this picture I would have nothing right now driving me. So I hope this book delivers what y’all expect of me.”

Here’s to new books, first pages, and brand new chapters.

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“Fill my daughter’s stocking.” – Desparate Mom

I was asked to find stocking stuffers for an adult daughter (20 y/o I think). I went to two stores and was done. Super easy and super fun.

Budget – $40


Versona has some great stocking stuffers. These earrings are great for anyone who loves a glam look but can’t keep up w everything lol. For $15 you won’t be upset if they lose a pair. 😉 come in silver, rose gold, and pearl options.

They have super cute initial necklaces. One is a medium size sideways initial, very trendy right now, and a small disc w a single hammered initial. They didn’t have the letter I was shopping for, so it didn’t make the cut.

Also, these slippers are super super cute. So many options and all under $12.

If your person loves bath salts and bath things, they have plenty of that too. They had snow flurry salts, snowman bombs, huge colored bombs, and then these I grabbed.

Other great finds that didn’t make the list.


Ulta 😍 I only had less than $10 to spare on my budget. They had a set up right by the door that was a grab 5 for $15. Not really much in there but things to just fill up the stocking to make it look full. 💸

I was going to grab my favorite cheap mascara (L’Oreal Paradise. AMAZING!) but then saw a few cheap items from Benefit. So this little bundle won and we alex it a night.

That’s a great deal!

I did go over her budget and spent $50. She was just glad to have it all done without getting out her house.

I know I would not be disappointed if my stocking consisted of all these things. Would you???