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Crazy Person Here

If you haven’t gone through your closet in a while, there’s a good chance you’ll find pieces in there that are as old as Facebook. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it should automatically be tossed. However, if it is old and you haven’t worn it in forever and keep pushing it towards the back, then we need to talk.

Why does this piece keep getting pushed to the back? Why is it there? Why do you grab it and put it back? Why are you still holding on?  If you are not wearing things b/c you are unsure of the fit, what to pair it with, or you just need someone to tell you “just toss it” then I am the person for you.

There are tons of blogs, posts, pins, and videos on how to get rid of pieces from your closet. “Ask yourself this.”  “Flip your hanger like this.” “Put it here and then wait a year.” It’s a lot of thinking and doing and who has the time for it or who in the heck wants to do all that? Only a crazy person would want to spend hours in a closet sorting and organizing and pairing looks, right?

Well hello, my name is Crazy Person!

Other than walking around Marshalls and Target, my closet I can spend hours in. Monthly, I clean and organize b/c I grab things, change my mind, and just throw it down on the desk (and I may cuss it like it did me wrong). Then when I have more hangers than clothes hanging, I clean it all up, make it beautiful and perfect, and start all over in a few days.

Twice a year I do purge my pieces, which is usually when I run out of hangers or tired of cussing the same pieces. I pass these pieces around my family first, then try to sell what I can and donate the rest.

If you could use a good closet purge now is the time. Let me take the hard work out of what many think is a chore. You can sit in the corner drinking your favorite drink and nod yes or no. Simple as that, lol. I can even help you sell the pieces that are in great condition if you want.

What are you waiting for, new year new closet!



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