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What you see and what I see.

This picture… Ooooh how this picture says so much. You may see a half made bed, oddly placed pillows, a rolling tote, and a random old navy tag. But, to me I see support and hope.

As mentioned in my first blog, I was starting a new journey. I was closing a book after almost 6 full chapters of the same story. Who would think a plot twist happens this late in a book series? Well, it did. This picture represents the start of a 3rd book in an old series. This is the book I always dreamed about.

Anytime a new book starts, the author has a page where they dedicate the book to those who inspired or motivated this next phase of the book.

This picture is that for me. It represents support and encouragement. Two people are behind this picture and I just want to give them a quick shout out.

Sorry girls, it will be short bc I already took up 2 minutes of their life rambling.

So here we go…

Book 3, page 1…

“I would like to dedicate this book to two badass ladies. The first badass is my lifelong cheerleader and backbone, my sister, Annah. The day this book first came about she was there with her love, support, and guidance. She listened when I cried, cussed when I cussed, and laughed when I said F it all. She is my #1 supporter. She is the bed this picture. Without a second thought she gave me a place to stay for a few days while I jumpstarted this journey. (Her kids and hubs are the random pillows lol)

The second badass lady, is one of my Stella BFFs, Jennifer. She is the tote in the picture. That little tote is a mountain of confidence and support that I have not had in over two years. I sent her a text for advice and in rapid fire she came through with more than advice. She lit the fire under my butt and said go! What she gave me is more than I could have asked for from anyone at that moment.

That random old navy tag, that’s just me in life. I am here, there, and everywhere I am not expected to be. Just a tag making my place in the world.

Without this picture I would have nothing right now driving me. So I hope this book delivers what y’all expect of me.”

Here’s to new books, first pages, and brand new chapters.


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