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Flare Jeans… give it a go

Love the flare jeans but not sure how to style them?
Here are some ideas I love and think would be easy to recreate with items you possibly already have in your closet. (find more on my Pinterest board here)
I’m not a big fan for the over sized bell bottoms, but a good flare leg that gives you a clean straight line, I am big fan of.
I have a couple pairs in this style and I love the look. I feel they balance out my thicker thighs rather than make them look bigger. I know a lot of women feel this is what would happen, but if you wear it right it will do the opposite.
B/c I’m only 5’3 and stockier I always wear these with my tall shoes. Let’s face it, heels just make your legs look longer and thinner. I feel wearing heels also tilts your pelvis in a flattering way. Crazy, I know, but test it out. Look at your hip area flat footed and then stand on your toes…. See the difference??? 
Give the flares a try, or even a smaller option with just a boot cut leg.
There are tons of places to look and try on. But go for a good quality, not a thin poorly made pair. Here are brands that I know are good – KanCan, Cello, Sneak Peek.

Message or email me if you need styling help or would like for me to personal shop for you.


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