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From Pinterest to Dollar General in no time

An afternoon spent on Pinterest lead me to the Dollar General. I went on there to look at hair styles and the next thing I know I am on Dollar General’s website making a list.

It was like the Facebook stalker effect. You know what I mean. You see a post, you click on a person from there, stalk their page, find another person, go on to stalk that person’s page, and before you know it, you are on Kevin Bacon’s page.

So, my hair needs led to me changing up my holiday decor a bit. I spent as much time in the Dollar General searching for these items as I did on the website. I made sure the location I was going to would have the pieces I wanted. It really was a lot easier. I had a plan. I crushed the plan.

All my great finds. I spent waaaaay too long searching for each and every item. So I had to set it all up and take a pic. Those trees were only $5!!! The pillow was my “splurge”, it was $8. The glass containers I made a hot chocolate station for my boys. I have yet to get a picture of it b/c every time I refill it they clean it out. It’s really cute and the center piece for my table. I used the plaid ribbon to tie things from last year into this year. I wrapped candle bases, the tree stands, and pieces on the table.


I still haven’t decided how I want to use those glittery deer yet. Any ideas???
$1 dish towel with the truck theme I was aiming for. I bought 2, one for the kitchen and one to make a pillow.
And here it is! $1 pillow cover. I hand stitched the bottom since it was going to be a tight fit. I then hot glued the sides. It is perfect.
This truck is probably my favorite find from Dollar General. Really set the theme for my update.
This is a place mat I wanted to try to make wall art out of.
Too cheap to not even try.
I had this spare frame at my house. It worked perfectly after I trimmed the edges down a bit. No one has even noticed some of the words are cut off lol.
This Joy, Hope, Believe “thing” is super cute. It is wooden and very sturdy. I was using it as a prop here for my necklace I just got in. My sweet son arranged the deer so it would be peaking into the picture. 🙂
Santa misplaced the Nutcrackers this year. He was perfect to go with my rustic decor from last year and blended great with the buffalo plaid this year.

Point of the story? Pinterest is the devil! Ha yeah right, Pinterest is heaven sent. All good things come from there. And if you search long enough, the Dollar General too.


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