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Dear Diary

“Dear Diary….”

Lol, just kidding. I am binge watching Vampire Diaries (for the 2nd time) and well into Season 4 and I swear every episode starts with those 2 words. Elena or Stefan are sitting on their window bench, face down, spilling out their hearts catching us all up on where we are now in their story.

You know what, that’s a good idea actually. Maybe I should start that way since this is my official 1st blog post. I need to catch everyone up on where I am in my story, right? So….

“Dear Diary,
A lot has happened since I last pretended to write in you. I lightened my hair, which is the opposite of what all the other girls do when winter hits. I like to think it is my rebel side coming out. I totally have been failing on my diet and workout plans, I promise I will get back to it… later. Let’s see, what else… Oh yes, I lost my job.”

{Errrrr! Slam the breaks. Reverse. What?!} Yep, it still said the same thing the second time you read that, huh? I know, shocker. But get this, I am actually excited. For awhile I have been wanting more. More of my family, more of me, and more of what makes me happy. Now I get my chance at all of that and more. My family is on board, friends are by my side, and I am excited. So, let’s pick up our jaws, raise our coffee cup, and drink to new beginnings.


Please subscribe to get your tickets for this crazy ride. I have no clue where we are going, I just know we are going. I plan to share all things that make me happy. I am easily entertained and get excited over small things. I love all things fashion, which does not mean I am an expert, but I sure shop like I am one. I love to give my opinion and I love even more when someone actually trusts me enough to take my opinion. I love to try new things and push my way out of my box.

Y’all get excited with me and share any and all thoughts.


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